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Promoting sustainable transportation through EV conversions.


To Reduce The Waste Generated By The Global Transition To Electric Vehicles.

Relectric is developing a streamlined approach to EV conversions to enable consumers to have greater access to more affordable and sustainable vehicles, while providing undergraduate students with hands on experiences working with EV technology.

Current Projects

We Are Designing Fundamental Solutions To Enable Seamless Conversions


Direct integration of the motor into the powertrain assembly requires multiple custom components including a transmission adapter, motor coupler and mounts. Extensive design analysis and optimization is being conducted to ensure optimal performance.

Transmission Assembly for Website_edited.png
Copy of battery-g95d7ded6c_1280_edited.png

Battery System Design

The user experience of an electric vehicle is dependent on the battery performance and charging time. Relectric believes that a battery system is at the heart of any great EV.

Thermal Management

It is critical that heat generated by vehicle operation is properly managed to ensure component longevity and system safety. In addition, the cabin temperature must be maintained for the comfort of the passengers.


Why EV Conversions?

Reusing functioning vehicle systems minimizes waste production during the global shift to EV platforms

Majority of the carbon footprint of electric vehicles is a result manufacturing and production of the vehicles. By converting a used internal combustion engine vehicle to electric, new life is brought to the vehicle and the environmental cost of manufacturing can be greatly reduced.


Our Team






Our Partners
& Sponsors

Our team would like to thank Queen's University and the Alumni Class of Sci' 74 for their donation and support. In addition, the Relectric Team at University of Calgary has provided valuable guidance during the start up of Queen's Relectric.



We’re always looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your resume.

Business Team Members

Seeking business minded individuals who passionate about marketing and brand development. Responsibilities include website design, social media management, sponsorship recruitment, and general business strategy.

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